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The Shoemakers’Ball (2005, 2006).


The Shoemakers’ Ball uses the found cultural practice of an English tea dance to collectively and collaboratively perform with the members of the public a gesture that acknowledges and commemorates the significance of the local shoe industry for the production of a ‘sense of place’ in the English town of Northampton. It was sited in a redundant shoe factory in Northampton and it was presented both as part of the Northampton Music and Arts Festival (2005 and 2006) and of the national event Big Dance (2006). During the ball, the public could visit different rooms where there were installations to interact with. In addition, the public could listen to sound tracks at wish with interviews of former shoemakers and current representatives of the local shoe industry, watch a live VJeing that mixed video footage related to the theme of the shoe manufacturing with images of the space captured by a live cam, and they could socialize by dancing to a live band. The piece was created, performed and produced in collaboration with French artist Chris. Dugrenier, and funded by the Arts Council England and other local sponsors, both public and private. It involved the commissioning of a caw sculpture, of a piece of electronic music, and of a video production. During the ball, a number of micro-performances took place, whereby Luisca and Chris. Dugrenier performed as themselves in order to communicate to the audience their desire as foreign nationals to understand the history, the present, and the future of that English town in which the event was happening and of which, by chance, they were at that time part of as immigrants




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