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Why are you here? (2005).

This performance was a reversal of Aktion 398, a previous piece by Franko B that was performed serveral times, including at the National Review of Live Art in 2001.

I was a participant in this piece during the National Review of Live Art 2005 and this is the documentation of my participation. Every hour, a group of only eight people were placed in a waiting room. Each of them was given a number. Once someone’s number was called, that participant entered an empty room. They removed their clothes and when ready, they rang a bell to alert the assistant. Franko B entered the room fully clothed. Participants were required to be naked for this one-to-one encounter and to tell Franko B why was it that one was there, naked with him.

For me it was a good experience. It reminded me of the popular saying ‘hablar a calzón quitado’ or ‘to say the naked truth’. I think I/we should perform it more often.

Since in this kind of performance, the artwork lies in the interaction between the artist and the participant, I consider that both are co-authors of the event. For this reason, I include this short video as part of my work. It is a good example of a kind of simple live action that blurs the boundary between art and ethics and this interests me about performance.




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