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Coventry Lit (2005).

This is a collaborative project by Luisca and Chris Dugrenier.

The Coventry lit. project explores the possibilities of interactive performance using mobile phone technologies and the potential of anonymity as a means of talking about problematic issues in public or as a means of sharing private thoughts.

The public is invited to stand in front of an LED panel locally known as The Coventry Wall of Light. Using their mobile phones, the audience or passers-by can text messages to the panel and make them public. However, nobody knows who the author of each text is. Mediating between the panel and the public, two performers (Chris. Dugrenier and Luis C Sotelo) carry out a series of actions that aim at either commenting on the urban landscape in which the event takes place or simply respond to what is happening and what is being posted on the LED.




Design and Developed by 2+Design