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That Undulating Serenity of Wind (2002):

One strand of Luisca’s work explores ways of combining live choral music, found environments and live action. Esa Ondulante Serenidad del Viento/That Undulating Serenity of Wind (2002) is a piece in which he performs a Solo dance-theatrical score to a song that is both sacred and traditional, which was delivered by soprano Colombian singer Angélica Daza. The song is Verónica by Brazilian world music singer Virginia Rodriguez [podria subirla a traves de mi iPod!!]. The student chorus Sexteto Sonar, led by Leonor Convers, highlights elements of the acoustics of the space by improvising vocal sounds during the piece.  

The piece took place outdoors and makes visible how the building in which the actions happen is an element of the mountainous environment in which it is sited [vínculo a foto done luis está de pie al borde del edificio y detrás se ve Guadalupe] and where the wind blows constantly. As in a traditional catholic procession, the public follows the male dancer [foto luis caminando y público detrás] from the starting point where he stands for a while allowing the wind wave his cloths. From there, they all walk to a public space where the audience gathers to observe a performance of him and the singer.




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