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Duet for Nocturnal Female and Diurnal Male (2002): This is a 25 minutes dance theatre duet choreographed by Ariane Anthony. The dancers are Luis C Sotelo and Valerie Szurdak. Original music by John Stone & Carolyn Lord. Performed April 6, 7, 8 ,2002 at The Construction Company, New York City.

That Undulating Serenity of Wind (2002): One strand of Luisca’s work explores ways of combining live choral music, found environments and live action. (Co-performed with Angélica Daza)

We The Colombia National Team (2003): Nosotros la Selección Colombia/We The Colombia National Team was created in collaboration with visual artist Antonio Cadavid, and was commissioned by the organizers of the national peace campaigning event Semana por la Paz. It combines a participation and process-like happening/performance format with site-specific art and live DJeing. For this project, different objects and one sculpture were sub-commissioned to local artists of different specialties. (In collaboration with Antonio Cadavid)

Encounters in the Third Person (2003): The public is invited in this piece to visit one of the four ‘encounter areas’ and to have a conversation with another member of the public. Each ‘encounter area’ is private and only two persons fit in there. However, a hidden microphone captures their conversation, something they are aware of.

Coventry Lit (2005): The Coventry lit project explores the possibilities of interactive performance using mobile phone technologies and the potential of anonymity as a means of talking about problematic issues in public or as a means of sharing private thoughts. (In collaboration with Chris Dugrenier)

Why are you here? (2005): This performance was a reversal of Aktion 398, a previous piece by Franko B that was performed serveral times, including at the National Review of Live Art in 2001.

The Shoemakers’Ball (2005, 2006): The Shoemakers’ Ball uses the found cultural practice of an English tea dance to collectively and collaboratively perform with the members of the public a gesture that acknowledges and commemorates the significance of the local shoe industry for the production of a ‘sense of place’ in the English town of Northampton. (In collaboration with Chris Dugrenier)




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